Fine tuning your website

Throughout the entire process, we will be testing for error. Prior to your website's launch, we thoroughly examine your site for any issues or errors that would prevent the website from preforming properly. If not already provided, you will receive a link where you are able to review the progress made to your site. Upon your approval, we will begin launching your website!

Total Web Company Testing



Defining goals and strategies

It is or utmost importance that our team and the client both have a strong understanding of what the expectations are of your website.  During this initial phase, questions will be answered such as: -Who is your target audience? What are others doing in your industry? What feeling do we want the website to convey? This part of the process is key ascertaining the rest of the websites production goes smoothly without any unexpected twists.

Total Web Company Research



Say hello to the Internet

After the website has passed inspection, it is time to take the necessary steps to get it live! If you already have a domain, we will need the login information so that we can point the domain appropriately. If you don't have a domain, we can purchase your desired domain name and set everything up with no hassle! Once launched, we will run another series of test to make sure that every element is working and responding properly.

Total Web Company Launch



Designing the front page

After all the necessary information is gathered for the website, we can now take everything we have learned to a canvas. Keeping your logo, any previously design marketing material, clientele, and other key aspects in mind: Total Web Company will create a front page that will reflect the style and theme elements for the rest of your website. Upon your review & approval, we will begin developing the remainder of your website while keeping the design elements established on the front page.

Total Web Company Prototyping


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Hosting, Changes, & More !

Once your website is launched, it is vital to keep it up to date. If you are a part of our Total Web Maintenance Plan, we will work with you to update you site and keep your customers up to date! During the holidays you can show off your specials & sales, or even just update the photos in your slideshow. We will also monitor trends in your industry to keep your site optimized for search engines.

Total Web Company Maintenance



Getting your site into full production

By this point in the process it is vital that we have all of the necessary assets (photos, links, videos, text copy, etc.) for your website. The Total Web Team will make sure to keep you up-to-date on your site's progress! Here at Total Web Company we pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer satisfaction. Never hesitate to ask a question or raise a concern. During this process, all of the website's assets and code will be optimized for search engine recognition.

Total Web Company Development

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