6 Website Design Requirements I need from Clients

Total Web Company 6 Website Design Requirements all Developers Need

Important Website Design Requirements I need from Clients

Total Web Company 6 Website Design Requirements all Developers NeedEven the best website design companies cannot build a site with zero input from the client. It is impossible for us to know with 100% certainty your company’s specific tone, style, mission and overall website vision without a little help & input. At Total Web Company, we like to be upfront and honest about the website design requirements we’ll need in order to start and complete your new website. We’ve listed below a few minor necessities we request from our web design clients before we can get started on the design process. When all these criteria are met, we have the tools to build you a fully-functioning, profitable website that fits your unique style.

6 Website Design Requirements I need to Get Started

Websites that Stand Out to You. Providing us with direct examples of other websites you think you’d like to emulate will allow us to create a designer quicker. The comparison helps us with the bigger picture so don’t look at photos and text, focus on the layout and style.

Branding & Messaging. This includes mission statement, values, catch phrases and trigger words. Anything unique to your brand that we wouldn’t otherwise know, send to us. We’ll be sure to consistently emulate your branding throughout your new website.

Photography & Logo. Any and all photos and your logo you want on the website, send to our design team. It is important to have great visuals, specifically of your product, employees and clients interacting with your business. If you don’t have a lot of photography, Total Web Company offers on-site photography services for our clients.

Approved Sitemap. To gauge the full scope of your website design project, we’ll need to know how many pages the entire site will be. Besides your basic pages (Home, About, Blog, Contact), we’ll come up with a full list of pages to ensure we’re targeting the right services & audience.

Completed Questionnaire. After the pages have been determined, we’ll email you a questionnaire so our writers can understand every aspect of your company. The questionnaire will include background information, company history and specific information on the products/services you offer. We’ll also ask you to approve the targeted keywords and main competitors so we can ensure your copy is accurate and highly optimized.

Legal Documents. All websites, but especially e-commerce sites, should include legal documents on their websites for your protection. These pages include refund policy, privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Professional Website Development

At Total Web Company we do our best to streamline the website design process and take all the stress off of clients. Besides the 6 website design requirements highlighted above, you can be as involved or uninvolved as you see fit. Our website design company will keep you involved every step of the way to ensure we’re developing a site that fits your vision. To get started on a new website design, call our Bristol PA office today at 215-284-7918.


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