A Complete Guide to 3 Main Website Design Types

Total Web Company PA Website Design Types Defined

3 Main Website Design Types: Static, CMS & eCommerce

Total Web Company PA Website Design Types DefinedThe trick to designing a successful website is to satisfy the needs of both the search engines and the users, while perfectly executing brand messaging. There are three main website design types that can be used depending on the type of business, corporate identity and how often the website needs to be updated. Hiring a website design and development company ensures you get the website design that meets your businesses needs online. Total Web Company highlights the key differences between static, dynamic/CMS or eCommerce website design types to help you understand the best option for your new or redesigned site.

Static vs. Dynamic or CMS vs. eCommerce Website Design

Static Website Design: Static sites are best described as simple websites with less than 5 pages. They do not feature any animation or advanced design features, relying heavily on text and photos. The key here is that the information rarely, if ever, changes. They are usually built in HTML, CSS or JavaScript, making them fairly easy to create and easily crawled by search engines.

Dynamic or CMS Website Design: Simply put, a dynamic website built through a CMS has the ability to convey dynamic data. Site changes happen often, easily and sometimes automatically (plugins). It is designed through a content management platform (CMS), most commonly the WordPress platform. Using plugins, themes and advanced coding, a WordPress website can achieve almost any look you want to achieve. This is by far the most popular website design type.

eCommerce Website Design: Businesses looking to sell goods and services online will need an eCommerce website. There are many platforms where an eCommerce site can be designed including WooCommerce (WordPress), Magento, Shopify and more. eCommerce websites have the capacity to hold fifty items or 5,000 items without compromising load speed.

Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Total Web Company has 10+ years of experience building within these three main website design types. We are experts at selecting the best type for your business and online needs. We work one-on-one with our clients to fully understand the design and functionality in your website. Our design team delivers custom websites that are user friendly and easily crawled by Google and all major search engines.

To discuss website design type options or set up a meeting with our website developers, call our Bristol, PA office at 215-284-7919. We are a full-scale website design company offering SEO & digital marketing services for businesses across the nation.


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