Mobile Responsive vs. Mobile Friendly Web Design

Total Web Company Responsive Website vs Mobile Friendly Design

Main Differences Between Responsive Web Design & Mobile Friendly Websites

Total Web Company Responsive Website vs Mobile Friendly DesignWe use our phones more than ever, which means businesses of all sizes (large corporations and small mom & pop shops alike) need to invest in a website that is fully optimized for all platforms. If you’re in the market to update, redesign or relaunch your website, you need to make sure that it is a mobile responsive design. When it comes to the design of your site for a mobile device there are so many options. When hiring a web design company make sure to ask if they are going to design you a mobile friendly website or provide a mobile responsive design – trust us, there is a distinction! Total Web Company highlights the differences between mobile friendly vs. mobile responsive website design.

Responsive vs. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Responsive Design: Responsive websites react and change with the user in mind, enhancing usability no matter the device or screen size. A responsive website will change no matter the size of the screen you’re using (tablet, iPad, laptop or smartphone). Further, the images are optimized, the content changes, the spacing is correct and the website is reliable & functional no matter the mobile operating system.

Mobile Friendly Design: When we refer to websites that are “mobile friendly” we really just mean the desktop page has been shrunken down to fit the screen. While this allows mobile users to view and browse the site, it isn’t easy. Navigation can be difficult to use, login and password bars are hard to click and buttons are not functional. A mobile friendly website is not designed or optimized with the user in mind.

Hire a Responsive Website Design Team

If you want to build a winning brand, you need a website that looks great & functions properly across all devices. In fact, it is so important to have a mobile responsive site that Google ranks mobile sites ABOVE desktop sites in SEO rankings. Regardless of your brand or your industry, the majority of your website traffic will come from mobile. Don’t lose your audience, leads or revenue because your website is not user friendly or doesn’t function properly!

Contact Total Web Company today to discuss how we can optimize your existing website to be responsive on all mobile devices or create a new WordPress website. Whether you run an Ecommerce store, provide home improvement services or run a blog, we can design highly functioning and reliable websites for any budget. Call 215-284-7918 to speak with a member of our design team today!


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