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Turnkey is one of the fastest growing terms in the digital marketing field and one of the best ways to make money in our constantly-growing digital society. As more and more people are shying away from packing up the family, getting into the car, and burning gas to drive to the local boutiques and shopping malls, the digital world must provide ways for consumers to purchase the goods they need – and the few extra indulgences. Read below the importance of eCommerce Website Design for your online business.

While it may be hard to accept this growing trend, it is a reality our consumer-driven world faces. Instead of closing shop and accepting defeat, allow Total Web Company to design you a gorgeous eCommerce website, which can make you money 24/7, 365 days a year! Our experienced website designers can provide eCommerce website design for both national and local businesses of all sizes – no site is too large or too small for our design team.

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An eCommerce Site is Within Reach

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling on the creation of your eCommerce website, contact us to get started! The sooner your site is up and running, the faster you’ll be making money. Each eCommerce site is specifically designed to meet your needs so we can produce a site you are happy with, but most importantly the needs of your target audience – giving them the best, and easiest, buying experience. Our team of eCommerce website designers have experience building online clothing stores, online art galleries, online designer fabric stores, and much more. As you can see from these few examples, we have experience across the board and can design you an ascetically-pleasing eCommerce website with all of your needs built in!

Don't think you can keep up with the conglomerates? You don't have to!

Even though more consumers are shying away from in-person purchases, there has also been an increased trend in purchasing from local, family-owned business. From farm to table food, to environmentally friendly purchases, and “Made in the USA” labels, consumers are starting to take note of where their goods come from. The big-name, national brands cannot keep up with the local demands – this goes for online purchases too!

In a recent article published by Entrepreneur, it was stated that Millennials, specifically, are more sensitive to price, rather than brand recognition – meaning if the price is right, the seller doesn’t matter. This fact gives local, small eCommerce businesses a huge edge over conglomerate competitors!

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Mobile Friendly is Key to eCommerce Success

It is obviously no secret that since consumers are making more and more purchases at home, they’re using their mobile devices to do so. A 2015 study found that about 74% of online shoppers used smartphones and 56% used tablets – a trend that is making no indication of slowing down. When you allow Total Web Company to create and design your eCommerce website, it comes mobile friendly – no extra charge! We are committed to building your website, getting your noticed, and making you money. Contact us today for a free quote – no obligation. Besides eCommerce Website Design and web design services, our SEO Agency in Philadelphia can tailor a successful SEO campaign for your unique online business. SEO & internet marketing packages include local SEO, website copywriting, directory submissions, reputation management and more.


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