What Elements are Needed on Ecommerce Product Page?

Total Web Company Ecommerce Web Page Design Elements

Effective Ecommerce Page Design Elements

Total Web Company Ecommerce Web Page Design ElementsThe product page of your Ecommerce website is key to converting traffic into sales. Even companies with the best marketing plans and advertising can lose transactions if they’re not implementing key design elements onto their ecommerce product page. Unlike landing pages or internal web pages, which are meant to inform, the sole goal of a product page is to motivate customers to buy your product or service. Total Web Company, an ecommerce website design company in Bristol, PA, highlights 9 elements that are needed on all product pages.

9 Elements Ecommerce Product Page Must Have for Higher Conversions

Customer Service Number: If a potential customer has a problem ordering or question they need to know they can get in touch with you easily, at any time. Consider going the extra mile and incorporate a live chat feature too.

Name of Product (Big & Bold): Every product page should include the name of the product right at the very top in big bold lettering.

Product Reviews: There are never too many places to include reviews about your products; do not omit them from the product page themselves!

Multiple Product Pictures: Give customers multiple photos and angles of the product. Website imagery is highly importance, but especially for E-commerce websites.

Price of the Product: Do not keep the price of your product a secret. If a client clicks “add to cart” and becomes shocked by the pricing they will abandon the cart and leave your website.

Delivery Price or Free Shipping: Similarly, customers can become easily turned off if the price of delivery seems very high. If you’re offering free shipping on all orders or orders over a certain amount it must be clear.

Call to Action Button: “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons must be prevalent throughout your website as a reminder to customers the reason they’re on your site.

Wish List Option: Even if they’re not ready to buy right now giving them the option to save the item allows them to easily come back and purchase at a later date.

Social Media Share Buttons: Branding and social media are so important to spread the word of your company.

Ecommerce Website Design Company

Total Web Company is here to build and design a highly effective WordPress E-Commerce website that will drive traffic and convert sales. Create a memorable user experience by incorporating the above design elements, as well as brand information such as logo, tagline, contact information and more! Find out more about our eCommerce website design solutions for businesses.


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