Elements a Landing Page Design Must Include

Total Web Company Bristol PA Landing Page Design Elements

Essential Elements of a Successful Landing Page Design

Total Web Company Bristol PA Landing Page Design ElementsThe goal of a landing page is to drive traffic, solve a problem your audience is facing and, ultimately, convert that traffic into a lead or sale. While there is no exact formula to creating and executing the perfect landing page design, our professional website development company has created a list of 5 elements known to work & increase search-ability. An effective leadpage design must include elements that attract attention, educate your audience and lead to successful conversions.

5 Important Landing Page Design Elements

Compelling Headlines. Headlines are the single most important leadpage design element. In a few simple words, the headlines must attract attention and keep readers interested. The headlines must also be educational and answer the question your landing page is posing. You’ll use supportive sub-headings to drive your point home.

Attention Grabbing Imagery. The perfect landing page design will also include attention grabbing images. These photos should match your overall website tone, as well as fit into the page topic.

Call to Action. By design, the landing page is used to bring traffic to your website and have that audience take an action. This action can be a newsletter signup, email submission, call or product purchase. No matter what the end action is, your landing page must include call to action buttons and phrases throughout the page.

Contact Information. We already know about the importance of a contact page, but your entire site and all landing pages should include multiple ways for client’s to get in touch with you. On a landing page design, include at least a phone number and/or email address.

Inbound Linking. Now that your landing page is complete, we’ve got to get some SEO power to the page. The easiest way to do so is using your own website to drive links and traffic. Linking to a page lets the search engines know this page is important and should be considered authoritative content. Be sure to link using the landing page’s target keyword(s) to get the most SEO boost.

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The website developers at Total Web Company have years of experiencing designing and executing successful website projects from the homepage to the about page, contact and landing page design. From start to finish of your unique project, we’ll ensure we’re showcasing your company’s distinct personality, value and culture. To discuss how we can create successful landing pages for your website, call us today at 215-284-7918.


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