Elements a Website About Page Design Must Include

Total Web Company About Page Website Design Features

Key Elements of a Successful Website About Page Design

Total Web Company About Page Website Design FeaturesWe’ve spent the past few weeks diving deep into the importance of key elements on your website homepage, as well as the contact page. Today, Total Web Company will highlight several important features to include on the about page design. We’ll want to make sure we include truthful content your audience can trust in order to yield higher conversation rates & sales. Following the 7 suggestions from our professional website design company below will ensure a successful about page.

7 Important About Page Design Elements

Company Description. Connect with your audience by giving them the inside information about who you are as a company. Let them know what your mission is, what you stand for, your history, background of the owner & staff bios. The more your visitors know about the core of your company, the more they’ll trust you and buy your products or services.

Value. Think about the true value of your company. Is it customer service, an eco-friendly mission or simply in the service you provide? No matter what it is, it must be prevalent on the about page design with a proven example of how you’ve delivered this value to your customers.

Call to Action. The goal of every single page on your website is simple: conversions. Your CTA should direct people to call you, email you, a newsletter signup or link to a product page for sales.

Contact Information. We already know about the importance of your contact page, but your whole site should include multiple ways for client’s to get in touch with you. On the about page design, just a simple phone number and/or email address will suffice.

Testimonials. Your website is all about building trust. We accomplish this on the about page through history, profiles, contact information and, maybe most importantly, past client experience & testimonials. It is important not to cross the fine line between proud and bragging. A few position reviews or a link to a 3rd party review site can be enough.

Branding. We’ve spent all this time using the about page design to write about who you are as a company, your background, values and mission statement. Therefore, we must include your logo and branded material to help client’s easily identify your business.

Great Imagery. Along with an identifiable logo, your about page must include amazing visuals. Make sure these photos match your identity. Imagery can include historical images, office pictures, employee headshots, staff interacting with clients and more!

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The website designers at Total Web Company have years of experiencing designing and executing successful websites from the homepage to the about page design, landing pages and more. From start to finish of your project, we’ll ensure we’re showcasing your company’s distinct personality and culture. To discuss how we can create a new about page design for your website, call 215-284-7918.


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