8 Elements a Website Homepage Design Must Include

Total Web Company Essential Design Elements Website Homepage

Key Elements of a Successful Website Homepage Design

Total Web Company Essential Design Elements Website HomepageAny professional website design company will tell you the homepage of your website is the most important element. Not only does it serve as a first impression to potential customers, it offers split-second insight into who you are as a brand. While there are many important elements to include on a website homepage design, there are some that must be included in order to entice visitors to dive deeper into your website and ultimately make the final purchase. Total Web Company has highlighted 8 design elements you must include in your website homepage design.

8 Features Every Website Homepage Design Should Have

  1. Logo & Branding. Every business should have a logo, from national corporations to startups, and this logo must be included on your website homepage (and every page for that matter). Your logo helps customers identify your brand and is a symbol of who you are as a company, what you sell and stand for. The logo is usually placed in the top left hand corner of the homepage, or it can be centered, and includes a link for navigation.
  2. Tagline or Mission Statement. At the top of your website homepage, but below the navigation, you’ll want to include a large eye catching image and overlay your tagline or mission statement. This will grab the attention of your visitors and lets them know exactly what you’re about within seconds.
  3. Call to Action. The goal of every website is to convert your traffic into leads and sales. The only way to achieve this is through tempting call to actions, which can be buttons, pop-ups, contact forms and more!
  4. Straightforward Navigation Menus. Navigation should be easy to locate and give visitors a clear overview of your website’s content. Your most important categories and/or pages would appear across the header of your website. If you have a large site with a lot of pages then a search box is necessary as well.
  5. Eye Catching Photography. Give your website more credibility with high quality, original photos of your products and/or people using your services.
  6. Product & Company Information. Let your visitors get an inside look into your brand! Even if you’re just a one-man show, visitors want to feel connected. An about us and product pages will also be necessary to provide more details.
  7. Engaging Content. We not only want to use the content of your website to describe your brand and your products, but we want to take it a step further and tell your visitors why it matters. Don’t just sell yourself, but connect with your visitors.
  8. Contact Information. Last, but definitely not least, your visitors need a way to get into contact with you. Information can include all or a few of the following elements: contact form, email address, phone number and/or physical address. Websites without properly displayed contact information are deemed unreliable.

Professional Web Design Company

Without these crucial features your website design could drive customers away! While a lot of website homepage designs contain many of the same elements, you’ll want yours to stand out amongst the crowd. Let the professional website designers of Total Web Company create you a unique, well-executed and profitable website to promote your brand and sell your products. We’ve designed thousands of successful websites in all markets including HVAC Contractors, Philadelphia Roofers, Psychic Medium, Electricians, Car Wash and much more! Call our Philadelphia website design company to discuss front page & website design options today!


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