Essential Website Header Design Elements

Total Web Company Important Website Header Design Elements

Tips for Creating a Great Website Header Design

Total Web Company Important Website Header Design ElementsTotal Web Company has spent the last few weeks highlighting the most important design elements on your homepage, about, internal pages, landing pages and footer. Our last segment brings us to the most valuable area of your website: the header. Your header stretches the length of your website and appears on every single page. Its purpose is to promote your brand and make your website recognizable to both new and returning visitors. In order to achieve these goals, your website header design must be executed perfectly. See below the 8 most important elements of your header design.

8 Elements for Successful Website Header Design

Logo: For site-wide branding purposes you want to place your logo in the header. But, it is also important to think about the placement of your brand. Logos placed on the top left of a screen are more likely to be remembered than logos in the center or right side.

Straightforward Navigation Menu: It is important to remember not to overcrowd the menu, but include enough links that visitors can easily find their way further into your site. Using drop down menus is a great way to achieve both.

Call to Action: While not as pronounced or flashy as the CTAs you’d place on the rest of your internal pages, the header should still include elements such as “log in,” “sign up,” or “get in touch” to drive your audience to the needed result.

Tagline: Whether as part of your logo or on its own, the tagline reinforces your company’s mission & values to the audience. If it is something integral to your website, it should be included in your header.

Search Bar: Especially useful for large websites, a search bar allows visitors to enter keywords and have related pages appear instantly.

Clear, Readable Fonts: Visitors must be able to quickly and easily read all elements in your header. Be careful to use relaxed font styles, large font sizes and neutral colors.

Contact Information: The header navigation should include a link to your contact page, but you should also list your most important contact information inside your website header design: phone number & email address. Both of these should be clickable links so mobile users can get in touch with your business in 1 click.

Shopping Cart: Applicable to eCommerce sites only, if you’ve got a website that sells goods, make sure your shopping cart stands out. Regardless of where or how your visitor enters the site, a link to your cart in the header allows them start shopping with 1 click!

Experienced Website Development Help

We hope you enjoyed learning all about the most important elements to include in the various pages of your website. For professional & experienced help, do not hesitate to reach out to the website designers at Total Web Company. We have designed, created & executed thousands of successful websites in all industries from HVAC contactors to plumbers, kitchen/bathroom remodeling, roofers and more! Call 215-284-7918 to talk about your new website design today.


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