How Often Should I invest in a Website Redesign?

Total Web Company How Often a Business Should Redesign Website

Key Indicators it is Time to Redesign your Business Website

Total Web Company How Often a Business Should Redesign WebsiteWhether you’re a large corporation or a small mom-and-pop business you want to make sure your website is always current, relevant and up to date. In order to achieve this your website will have to undergo a redesign every so often. But the question is: how often do I need a website redesign? Strong research tells web developers it should happen every 1 – 3 years. However, the real answer is quite obvious: redesign your website when it sucks, aka, outdated, irrelevant and incompatible across every platform. Total Web Company highlights 3 obvious ways you can tell your website is ready for a professional redesign.

Reasons why Successful Companies Redesign their Website Every 3 Years

Outdated CMS Software: Have you been meaning to update the hours on your homepage for months, but every time you ask an employee they cannot navigate your archaic CMS (Content Management System) software? Modern websites built in WordPress or similar CMS software are easy to navigate, maintain and make crucial updates at any given time.

Not Ranking on Search Engines: A beautifully designed website does not necessarily mean it was built by someone with a fundamental understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If your website is not showing up in the search results a full redesign may be necessary to ensure it is built & designed with SEO in mind.

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Poor Design or Downright Ugly: The most obvious way to know if it’s time for a website redesign is if you think your website is downright ugly, outdated and looks unprofessional. In our digital world your online appearance is one of the defining images of your brand – make it county by investing in a well-designed, modern website.

Hire a Professional Website Development Company

If we’ve convinced you it’s time to take action and get started on a new website, call our professional web design company. We can diagnose your current website and come up with a cost-efficient plan for a newly designed website. At Total Web Company we not only focus on websites that look good, but also work across all platforms with SEO in mind. Although based in Bristol, PA, we can work with clients throughout the United States to help your business grow and thrive in our competitive digital market.


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