Importance of Front Page Website Design

Front Page Website Design in Greater Philadelphia PA Area

Front Page Design: Key to Conversion

If you haven’t heard by now, the internet is the way of the world and if you own a business, large or small, you must have a presence on the internet to stay relevant in your market. The easiest ways to build your internet identity are creating a sleek and well-designed website and having a following on all social media channels relevant in your market. Social media campaigns are a bit easier, because each channel has its own design and you simply create your page based on the layout provided. Websites can seem overwhelming, because you have to create the scheme and layout by scratch. This is why it is much easier to hire a Web Design Company like Total Web Company, to help you achieve the website you desire, without the stress of planning the entire site from scratch. Total Web Company’s professional website designers have years of experience in front page website design!

Total Web Company Frontpage Website Design Company
Total Web Company Professional Website Design Company

Importance of Front Page Layout

Let’s equate the front page of your website to that of a storefront brick and mortar location.

Picture this:

You’re walking past one of the biggest name-brand stores in the country say, Macy’s.

The windows are cover in graffiti. There is trash lining the entrance. The mannequins are disheveled and falling over. Would you walk in to that store ready to buy Michael Kors’ newest pair of summer sandals? I am confident you would not.

While the above may be an extreme example, you should think of your website in this same exact scenario. If a front-end user enters your website and immediately sees spelling errors, a hard-to-follow layout, an unpleasant color scheme and are confused about what you actually do and who your brand is, they will leave immediately and are most likely never going to return. While every page of your website is extremely important to who you are and what you sell, the front page is the most important as it the first thing users see and is meant to grab their attention so ultimately they buy what you’re selling. This is why professional front page website design is so important for a successful business.

Hire Total Web Company for Website Design

At Total Web Company we employ a 5-step strategy to website design: Strategy, Design, Develop, Deploy. At each one of these stages you are in charge of the design process, while we handle the hard-work for you. During the Strategy Process we will define your brand and your key competitors; throughout the Design Process we will settle on some initial design drafts for your brand-new website and ultimately come up with one concept. It is in the Design Process that we will also establish any key elements you’d like enabled on your site including call-to-action implementation, interactive slideshows, custom widgets, personalized navigation bars and more to boost traffic and conversions.

Total Web Company Website Design in Pennsylvania
Total Web Company Front Page Approval Process

Once we’ve completed the Design Process, our team of highly trained website and graphic designers will get to work on your Front Page. We’ll begin to set up your website navigation, enable any special features you requested and put together the overall website design. This usually takes our graphic designs about two weeks to complete, at which time it will be sent to you for changes and approval. Once we have your approval, we are set to move forward with completing your entire website. It is that easy for Total Web Company to design and create a sleek and clean website for your online business. Give us a call at our office location in Bristol, PA, 215-284-7918, to get started on your front page website design today!

Affordable Website Design in the Greater Philadelphia Area

It is no secret that the key to online conversions lies in the design of your website. Well-designed, clean, easy-to-navigate websites will ultimately convert sales at a much higher rate than outdated sites. Allow Total Web Company to design and develop an affordable website for your online business in the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond. Request a quote here. For an even more successful online campaign, our Philadelphia SEO Company is here to help you achieve and sustain high rankings. SEO marketing services include local SEO, keyword-rich content generation, link building, directory submissions and more.


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