Why do I need to Hire a Web Designer?

Total Web Company Important Reasons to Hire a Web Designer

Importance of Hiring a Web Designer for Digital Marketing

Total Web Company Important Reasons to Hire a Web DesignerWith the rise of DIY web building platforms, it can be tempting to forgo hiring a professional web designer and opt to build one yourself. But before you get started, ask yourself these important questions: Do I have the time to build my own website? How much do I know about UX, SEO and brand messaging? Will this project pull me away from focusing on running my business? If you did not feel confident in your answers that tells you everything you need to know about why you MUST hire a web designer. Total Web Company highlights 10 smart reasons to forgo DIY and hire a professional web designer & web design company for your project.

10 Smart Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Designer

Custom, High-Quality Website: While DIY platforms provide a cost-efficient way to build a template website, the result is a boring, generic website that doesn’t reflect your brand at all. A web designer creates a custom website with unique features & plugins to help you stand out amongst your competitors.

Strengthen Digital Marketing Strategy: A web designer works alongside owners, managers and digital marketing team members to ensure the site reflects your business goals, values and target audience.

Deliver your Brand Message

Incredible User Experience: Page load speed, security and call to action all work together to convert visitors into leads and paying customers.

Nail your Online First Impression

SEO-Optimize your Website: Great web design is important, but having your audience find your website is the ultimate goal. Web designers build with SEO in mind to ensure your site can rank for your industry’s targeted keywords.

Saves Time & Hassle

Mobile Responsive: When you hire a professional web designer, they make sure your website looks great & works flawlessly on all devices (computer, laptop, tablet and mobile).

Trusted Partnership

Hosting, Support & Maintenance Services: Almost all website design companies will include hosting, support and monthly website maintenance packages. If there’s an issue with your website, your web designer will catch it & resolve the issue before anyone notices.

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