Important Website Footer Design Features

Total Web Company Essential Website Footer Design Elements

Essential Website Footer Design Elements

Total Web Company Essential Website Footer Design ElementsWhile some may view them as an afterthought, an experienced website design company knows that the footer of your website is a crucial element. Your website footer design should be carefully planned and executed in order to get the most out of the small space. With only 4 panels to work with, you must focus on the intention of helping your visitors when choosing what to add (or omit). Moving on from Essential Website Header Design Elements, in the next installment of our crucial website design feature blog, Total Web Company will break down the most important website footer design elements you should always include.

11 Important Website Footer Design Features

Sitemap. Used for both internal linking purposes and for the search engines, a website footer must always include a sitemap. You can link your 10 most important pages under the heading “Sitemap,” simply link to your XML sitemap, or both.

Blogs. If your blog is very active, you’ll want to push your latest content using the footer of your website.

Awards/Certificates/Memberships. Add credibility to your brand by showcasing awards, certifications and memberships you’re part of. This lets your visitor’s know you are active in your community and your business is trustworthy.

Branding. Reinforce your brand’s logo one last time using your website footer design.

Mission Statement. Your mission statement may only be visible on your about page design, so let’s use the footer to emphasize your company’s values to your visitors.

Newsletter Signup. Don’t just opt for a small “submit” button as it probably won’t convert high numbers. A footer newsletter signup should include information on what the subscriber will receive & how often.

Social Media. Never add your social media icons in the header of your website. Once a visitor leaves your site for social media, they’re not coming back. Save your website footer to direct client’s to your social media sites.

Address & Map. Not only is a visible map and address display a way for you to connect with local customers, it also tells Google where you are and can help with your SEO efforts.

Contact Information. Besides an address, you want to ensure your website footer design clearly shows your business phone number and email address. Each should be clickable so mobile users can simply tab to dial/email.

Privacy Policy & Legal Documents. For your business’s protection, all websites should have legal documents in the form of privacy policy and terms & conditions. These pages simply outline what information the website collects, how it’s stored and might be used.

Copyright. The copyright simply contains the year and copyright symbol. The year lets your visitors know the site is up to date and the copyright symbol is your protection against website plagiarism.

Guidelines to Creative Footer Design

Depending on the goals of your website, you can choose to include all, some or even more design elements we did not include in our list. Remember, it is always best practice to consult with a professional website design company to achieve your digital marketing goals. If you’re in the market for a new website, ask these important questions during your design consultation. Call Total Web Company today at 215-284-7918 to discuss how we can improve your existing website or create a new custom design!


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