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Mobile Responsive Design

How to stay relevant in an increasingly mobile webspace: Mobile Responsive Website Design.


Consider this scenario:

Your friend tells you about this awesome bake shop a few blocks away and you decide to check out their website on your PC at home. Their site looks incredible!  It’s easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, as well as other appealing visual assets like slideshows and scrolling animations to show off their products. You’re so impressed with the website’s design, during your lunch break you decide to show the site to a coworker who is looking for a custom cake for her daughter’s graduation party. She pulls up the site on her mobile device and coils in disgust. You glance at the mobile site and are perplexed by what you see. “How could this be? Their desktop site was so nice!” Clearly, the owners of this bakery have not thought about the importance of mobile responsive website design.

Okay, so that example may be slightly dramatic, but it is rooted in real world application. One of the most glaring issues domain owners face is having a website that is not optimized for mobile devices. Here are a few reasons why this is problematic:

  • Mobile devices are steadily becoming the number one source of web traffic worldwide.
    • 2014 marked the first year mobile surpassed desktop in global user base.
  • Currently, approximately 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile sources (smartphone, tablet, etc.), and is projected to reach 80% by 2018.
  • Non-responsive sites deter mobile users, resulting in missed target demographics and potential loss of revenue.

Given this trend, it is paramount that domain owners have websites that look great across all platforms and screen sizes. In the web design industry, we call this Responsive Design.

“Oh yeah? What are YOU gonna do about it??”


At Total Web Company, we have the tools and resources to make your website compatible, responsive, and competitive. Whether you have an existing website or you would like us to design a completely new project, we will ensure that it looks great and functions properly across all browsing platforms. If you would like to learn more about Responsive Design or any of our other design offerings, swing by our Design Services page for a full overview. The Philadelphia SEO division of our company can take your responsive site to the next level by getting you ranked high in Google Search Results!

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