Logical Reasons you Should Invest in a New Website Design

Total Web Company Bristol PA Reasons to Invest New Website Design

Reasons to Consider a New Website Design

Total Web Company Bristol PA Reasons to Invest New Website DesignThere are tell-tale signs that an item is outdated and should be replaced with a newer model, but your website may not be so obvious. You think to yourself: my website seems fine to me, why should I invest in a new website design? But, your website is not supposed to work fine for you. It is supposed to work flawlessly for your potential clients and yield sales. While a website redesign is not a small task, it is highly necessary and will pay off in the long run. Total Web Company has created a list of 5 reasons a new website design is worth your investment.

5 Reasons to Invest in New Website Design

Current website isn’t mobile friendly. We’ve listed this first, because it is hands down the only reason you need to invest in a new website design. We already know that most website traffic comes from cell phones and if your website doesn’t function properly on a potential client’s device, you are losing out on a huge market of sales & conversions. Your website should look and perform consistently across all devices: desktop, laptop, tablet & phones.

Branding is Outdated. If there have been any changes to your branding (logo, ownership, etc.) your website must reflect these changes in order for potential customers to easily identify you. But a rebrand isn’t just about updating your current site’s logo, it is about ensuring the content, language and design all fit into the brand. In order to achieve this, a new website design may be necessary.

Can’t update your site easily. Many times a website gets outdated, because a business does not have anyone on staff with the knowledge to update the website builder. When designing a new website, ensure the company you hire uses an easy CMS (content management system) that you, your staff or a digital marketing company can easily access and update. Our favorite is WordPress, click here to find out why!

Slow and Unresponsive. If your current website doesn’t load quickly, 5 seconds or less, you’re losing at least 25% of your traffic to your competitors. Sometimes you may not need a new website to fix this issue, you may just need to upgrade your website hosting plan.

You’re not ranking in Search Engines. SEO is a must for businesses of all sizes. In our experience, an old, unresponsive website does not hold much SEO power. During a new web design, Total Web Company ensures each page of your website is clearly well-written and is fully SEO optimized.

Website Redesign Services

If you’ve been on the fence about pulling the trigger and investing in a new website design, call Total Web Company today at 215-284-7918. We’ve redesigned hundreds of websites in all markets in order for our clients to offer a better online experience. A well-designed and fully functioning website is your strongest marketing tool, allow us to execute your vision.


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