Morning Routine Tips for a Super Productive Workday

Total Web Company Tips for a Highly Productive Workday

Things to do Every Morning to Make your Workday more Productive

Total Web Company Tips for a Highly Productive WorkdayNot all workdays are created equal. Some days you get in early, put your head down and tackle the to-do list that’s been growing exponentially over the last month. Other days are packed with client calls and meetings, and it seems like no real work is actually getting down. While we hope to find a good balance between the two, the truth is a productive workday starts as soon as your alarm goes off. In fact, many say that the first two hours of your day are crucial to your work performance. Whether you want to impress your boss or you’re new to a team, follow at least three of the tips below to see your work productivity increase.

10 Simple ways to Make a Workday more Productive

Start your day early. Waking up 1 hour earlier each day gives you five more hours every week to reflect and get fully prepared for the upcoming workday.

Eat a proper breakfast.

Arrive at work before your colleagues. Being the first person in the office allows you to start your productive workday in a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Review your to-do list. Before you get started on your workday, take the time to plan and prioritize projects and tasks. Keep in mind most people feel productive first thing in the morning so you may want to complete rigorous tasks first.

Visualize a successful day. Envision how you’ll feel at the end of the day when you’ve accomplished all your tasks and can plan ahead for tomorrow.

Choose your working pace. Working in intervals helps you stay focused and alert throughout the day, therefore increasing your productivity. A widely popular method is to work for 25 minutes, uninterrupted, then take a 5-minute break.

Organize your workspace.

Minimize distractions.

Apply the ABCDE method and 80/20 rule. Prioritize your tasks using the ABCDE method:

A Tasks – tasks that must be completed today
B Tasks – tasks that should be completed today, but can be pushed off to tomorrow with little consequence
C Tasks – tasks you could do today, but can be pushed back to the next day without consequence
D Tasks – tasks you delegate to your coworkers
E Tasks – tasks you can simply eliminate

Only check emails at specific times. Many people who work in an office environment or run a business get emails at random times throughout the day. These can cause distraction and veer you off track of an important task that was nearly complete. Set specific times throughout the day (3 times max) to check your email, answer them quickly and add tasks to tomorrow’s to-do list.


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