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AboutBluebond Guitars

Bluebond Guitars is a Philadelphia landmark located directly on the famous South Street. At 27 years in business, Bluebond Guitars is one of the longest standing guitar shops in the city. Offering music instrument lessons, guitar repairs and a large selection of vintage gear, their professional staff will help you find your sound!

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About This Project

Bluebond Guitars executes a 3 Prong Business Model expertly. They are one of the only guitar shops in Philadelphia to do repairs in house. While many of their competitors will outsource repair jobs, they do all varieties of repairs right in their own shop, with their own hands and will never send them out to be fixed elsewhere. Bluebond Guitars’ expert guitar repairmen specialize in a variety of repairs from patching a hole to replacing stripped bolts, they’ve seen it all. Their retail inventory consists of vintage guitars, amplifiers, picks, emergency inventory like drum skins and so much more. Lastly, their Music Lessons have become a vital part of the business model. Their teachers are dedicated to enriching the lives of music enthusiasts of all ages. The staff takes an individualized approach to music lessons and provides a 1 on 1, customized lesson plan for each student. Bluebond Guitars is a small guitar shop, with a lot of heart. Their dedicated employees take the time to help you find your sound.

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