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AboutCreative Nook

Creative Nook is a kitchen and bath remodeling company, they also offer their own products such as cabinetry, flooring, and ceramic tile. Their services include providing personal and professional kitchen design, quality bathroom installation and design, additions, and construction and project management.

About This Project

Established in 1979, Creative Nook has had years of experience in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry.  Their design services range from kitchen and bathroom remodelings both small and large, to home theaters. Creative Nook is one of the leading remodeling companies on the mainline, and give nothing less than their best service to each of their customers. In addition to their design services, Creative Nook also offers customers products hand chosen for your needs which include a wide array of cabinetry, engineered stone and granite countertops, ceramic tile, and all brands of appliances from many corners of the world.