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AboutEast Coast Containers

East Coast Containers is a premium container supplier offering durable, quality storage solutions for residential, commercial and industrial use. Homeowners and business owners across all markets & industries know they can depend on ECC for reliable service, fast delivery and affordable prices. New and used shipping containers are available for sale directly through their website!

About This Project

The containers sold through East Coast Containers are made of durable, high quality steel and equipped with weather proof seals and premium wood flooring. These elements combined will ensure your valuables, goods and machinery are well protected against rain, wind, sun exposure and more. Best of all, East Coast Containers has mastered the art of shipping to guarantee some of the fastest delivery in the industry! They’ve cut out the 3rd party transportation company and use their own fleet of trucks driven by company employees. When you’re looking to purchase a container through a family-owned and operated company that cares about your storage needs, East Coast Containers is the best supplier out there!