7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Website Design

Total Web Company Important Questions to Ask when Choosing Website Design

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your Final Website Design

When designing or redesigning a website there are many questions you will need to pose to us as your Website Design Company. These questions should refer to cost, timeframe, overview of our company, overview of the people who will be building your site and what is expected from you (the client). If you’ve made it to this month’s blog post, you’ve already decided to hire a website design company (hopefully us) and now you’re doing your due-diligence on what questions to ask in regards to the actual design of your site.

Before our staff at Total Web Company even begins the design process, we will have already decided on the size of your website, sitemap, goals, specific functionalities and specialties you need, and content requirements. You should ask yourself the following questions once we have presented several different design options/templates for you to choose from and before our designers move on to create your front page design. Keep in mind, the front page design and the rest of the website will be based on the design you choose so it is very important you are satisfied with the layout/theme/design.

Website Design Questions to Ask Yourself
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Consider the following questions when selecting your website design:

1: Does this theme accurately represent my brand?

It is important that your website provides a consumer with an adequate picture of your brand. Remember, it is their first impression. Colors, font style, lettering size all contribute to the overall feel of your brand. How would you like to be represented on the internet? Sleek & Sophisticated; Bold & Adventurous; Modern; Classic – or a mix of it all!

2: Does this design accurately represent my customers and sale process?

While your website should represent your brand, it is most important for it to represent your consumer. Obviously, they are the ones who will ultimately buy what you’re selling. View your site from their perspective: jot down a list of your very first impression when viewing each design. This will give you the best insight as to what your users will experience and what they will think of your brand.

3: Is the layout easy to navigate?

Layout and menu display are some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a website design. Again, put yourself into the shoes of a consumer who has never heard of your brand or been on your website. Would they understand who you are? Am I able to easily navigate through the sale process? Do I understand what you’re selling at first glance? All critical points from a consumer perspective.

4: What if I want to make changes later?

Our designers will present you with several different designs and themes for you to choose from, each with its own specific set of functionalities. While you can of course add features and make changes down the line, it is crucial at this beginning stage we have a set color scheme, layout and navigation. If you think you want something, or may want to add it later on down the road, let us know in advance. This will help us plan ahead and present you with a theme that will support your specifications. Adding or removing anything major after you’ve made the design selection could result in having to remake an entirely new theme – which is costly for both parties.

5: Will my website be compatible across different browsers?

If a front-end user cannot access your website across all browsers, it is obsolete. When you hire Total Web Company for website design, we ensure your site is accessible in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and lesser known browsers as well.

6: Will my website be responsive across all platforms?

If your website looks great on a desktop, but does not translate the same on smartphones or tablets, it is doesn’t serve its true purpose, especially in a market where 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile sources. Mobile Responsive Design is included in all website design packages from Total Web Company.

7: Do you offer ongoing maintenance after my site goes live?

Yes! Besides website design, our professional team of digital marketers offers extensive marketing services including Reputation Management, email marketing, website maintenance and Social Media Marketing. Besides marketing, our sister company Total Web SEO specializes in Search Engine Optimization to organically boost your website to the top of Google results pages.

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