Questions to ask during an Initial Web Design Consultation

Total Web Company Important Web Design Consultation Questions

Must-Ask Questions during your Web Design Consultation

Total Web Company Important Web Design Consultation QuestionsThink about hiring a website design company much like you would when you hire a new member of your team. During the hiring process you’ll want to perform an interview, or web design consultation, to gauge how they’ll fit in with your team, as well as assess the company’s performance, portfolio and check references. To help with this hiring process, Total Web Company has outlined the 7 most important questions to ask during the web design consultation. By asking the important questions we’ve highlighted below, you’ll be sure you can trust the web design team to execute your vision and marketing needs to the highest extent.

7 Important Questions to Ask during a Web Design Consultation

What services do you offer? Besides website design & development, many companies offer a variety of website marketing services including hosting, SEO-driven copywriting, social media marketing, organic SEO, pay-per-click campaigns and much more. It is very beneficial to use the marketing services of your website design company, because they can ensure from the very beginning your website will meeting your ultimate marketing goals.

Do you design custom websites or use premade templates? Depending on your needs and budget, you can opt for a completely custom website or a pre-made template. At Total Web Company we specialize in customized website designs that work and function according to your business needs. We offer affordable options for any budget!

Can you provide examples of other websites your company developed? Use the web design company’s portfolio to see if their past work fits the mood and style of the website you’d like to see for your own business. While you’re scrolling, note the speed of these websites, functionality, user experience and styles. During your own web design consultation, make sure to ask questions about functions and layout so you know exactly why it was done in a certain way and if it can be altered for your needs.

How will you manage my project? Ask who and how many people will be in charge of your website project from consultation to launch. Be sure to get names and contact information as well as a timeline for project completion and reports.

How long will it take to finish & launch my site? The full completion of a website design depends on the scope of the project. A 5 page website will have a quicker turnaround time than a 35 page website, but your web designer should be able to give you a ballpark idea based on similar projects they’ve completed.

How much input do I have on the design? During the web design consultation, your professional designer will ask you questions to get an idea of your business style, tone, aesthetics and features. They’ll also ask you to provide examples of other website design you like to get a good idea of how you’d like your own design to look and function. At Total Web Company, we work directly with our clients every step of the process to ensure you are consistently happy with the website we’re producing for you.

What do you need from me to get started? Our professional website design company makes it very easy for our clients to get started! We simply ask for your logo, website images and a completed questionnaire (we create & send to you) so we can get started writing the copy and building out the pages.

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Total Web Company will create your business a completely customized website that reflects your goals and marketing needs. Based in Bristol, PA our website design company has thousands of website in our portfolio. We’ve designed, created & successfully executed websites for HVAC Contractors, Philadelphia Roofers, Psychic Medium, Electricians, Car Wash and much more! Call our website design company to discuss design options today.


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