10 Ways your Website Design is Driving Customers Away

Total Web Company How Website Design Turns Away Leads

Reasons your Website is Ineffective at Converting Traffic to Leads

Total Web Company How Website Design Turns Away LeadsIt is important to invest in a website for added exposure and credibility. However, you must also understand how design and functionality affects the end user. If you’re not staying up on current trends and continuously improving your website you can see a drop in traffic and sales. Total Web Company gives you ten examples of why your website could be driving away leads.

10 Ways your Website is Driving Away Leads

Outdated Design: There is a reason your homepage is the most important page on your website: first impressions are powerful. If the first impression of your website suggests old & outdated your potential customers will assume your business is that way.

Not Mobile Friendly: It is the way of the world: more and more people are using their smart phones for everyday use. Consumers are using their phones for fun, research and purchase products. If your company isn’t accessible via smart phones, you are turning away a huge market share.

No Call to Action: Whether you want website traffic to convert into a call, email or sale, you need to guide your visitors there. Don’t lose a sale because your clients don’t know where to go.

Content is Lacking: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Content is King! Consumers are researching because they need an answer to their question or justify a buying decision. Make sure your website offers a multitude of options: content, blogs, product demos, testimonials, etc.

Poor Navigation: The main top navigation should be saved for only your most important pages. Headings like ‘Shop’, ‘Basket,’ ‘Sale’, etc. should be easy to notice to direct customers to their next step.

Message/Branding is Unclear: If a consumer goes onto your website and thinks “what is this website about?” you’re in big trouble. Make sure your branding, messaging and information is clear and upfront.

Bombarded with Ads & Pop-ups: This is a huge turn off for potential customers. Don’t make your website look outdated and spammy.

Can’t Connect: A lead will feel more comfortable buying from you when they can see you are active online and there is a person behind the brand. Make sure your social media links, address, phone number and contact forms are easily seen and accessible.

Slow Loading Time: The attention span of the modern consumer is extremely small. Many will not wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load. If your website has slow load time, visitors will immediately move on.

Background Color: Black or gray backgrounds make the text difficult to read and is harsh on the viewer’s eyes. Always opt for soft background colors and make sure the text is legible.


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