SEO Related Questions to Ask your Website Designer

Total Web Company SEO Questions to Ask your Website Designer

Don’t Hire a Website Designer until you Ask these Questions

Total Web Company SEO Questions to Ask your Website DesignerDuring your website design or redesign consultation the developer should go over how they will not only create you a stunning site, but also how they can optimize it for the search engines. While it is vital to trust the web designer you hire, you must also do your own due diligence. Total Web Company provides 6 important questions to ask your web developer that are related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). These will ensure your company can create you a website with basic SEO principles implemented.

6 Important SEO Related Questions to ask a Web Developer

How does your site rank in the Search Results?

Think of how you found the company. Was it through organic search, local results or a referral from a friend? When looking for a web design company, do a little research to see how their website is ranking. This will give you a good idea of what you can expect from their services.

Do you comply with Google’s rules?

Tricks and black hat SEO tactics will get you banned from the SERPs. Make sure your company is reputable and can give you solid examples of SEO improvement.

Do you offer a guarantee of placement?

Nobody can guarantee placement. If a company says they guarantee first page results within 60 days this is a huge red flag. Look for phrases like “special relationship” with Google or claim they can “priority” submit your website. Do not waste your money!

Are you staying current on SEO practices?

Search engines and Google algorithms are constantly changing. It is the job of web developers and SEO marketers to stay on top of current and upcoming best SEO practices.

Do you offer SEO copywriting services?

Copy with strong keywords throughout is extremely important to get your website found in the search results. Part of your website design package should include well-written copy with keywords that are different for each page and relevant to your business.

How will the site be found once launched?

Verify the steps they’ll take post-launch to get your website found, especially if you’re not going into some sort of ongoing website maintenance & SEO agreement. Don’t assume Google Analytics will be implanted onto the site or submission into Google Search Console.

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