The Importance of Well Written Website Copy

Total Web Company Why you Must Invest in Good Website Copy

Why is Well Written Website Copy Important?

Total Web Company Why you Must Invest in Good Website CopyNo matter what kind of business you have, from roofing repair to bearing distributor or a car wash, your website serves the purpose of gaining visitors, keeping their attention then converting that traffic into sales or leads. The use of imagery and design are meant to initially attract your visitors, but keeping them engaged in your website is the key to conversions. Effective, well written, SEO-driven website copy is what, ultimately, motivates and convinces your audience to engage with your business and buy your goods or services. Let’s take an in-depth look into what great copy consists of and why it is best to leave it to the professionals.

What does Good Website Copy Consist of?

Purpose. Every page of your website has a purpose. The homepage attracts and engages your audience, the about page gives all the background on your company and your internal pages go into detail about the goods, services and products you offer. The purpose of these pages is for your audience to understand who you are, what you sell and why they should choose you over your competitors. The website copy on every page must effectively communicate its purpose.

Authoritative Content. It is not always enough to get the copy on the page, you must write on every topic with great authority. Fact check, research and completely understand exactly what it is you’re writing about. Do not gloss over the topic just to get the words on the screen.

Keywords. You have your purpose and your research, now we must choose the most effective keywords for each page. The keywords you use must make sense and be in line with the page topic. You want to sprinkle the main keywords and the variations throughout your main copy and headlines.

Great Headlines. Headlines help your audience focus and move through your website copy more easily than pages without them. Your headlines should be short, contain keywords and clearly communicate your topic.

Action. The ultimate goal for your website and the copy you create is for people to take action. Whether it be a newsletter signup, download, purchase or book a service, your website copy is what will make your audience take action.

3 Reasons Website Copywriting should be Left to the Experts

Experience: Besides the years of scholarly and professional experience, copywriters are constantly staying on top of industry trends, SEO techniques and the most effective writing styles.

Diversity: Professional website copywriters are familiar with a wide range of markets, industries and evolving SEO techniques. Their skillset is not limited to just one type of business, they pride themselves on the ability to write unique, effective & diverse textual and visual content for all industries.

Save Time: As a business owner, do you have time to research, write and post all of the content for your website? Or micromanage the recent high school graduate with little to no copywriting experience? Save yourself the time and hassle of creating great website copy by hiring a professional digital marketing and SEO copyrighting company.

The website designers and digital marketers at Total Web Company understand all facets of developing a great website. From initial design, to strategic call to actions and website copy, we’ll make sure your site stands apart from the competition. To get started or revamp your exiting website copy, call us today at 215-284-7918.


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