Tips to Structure a Highly Productive Workday

Total Web Company Philadelphia PA Tips for a Highly Productive Workday

Techniques & Tips for a More Productive Workday

Total Web Company Philadelphia PA Tips for a Highly Productive WorkdayNo matter what field you work in, from digital marketing to SEO copywriting to running a warehouse, the goal at the end of the day is to feel like you’ve accomplished all your tasks. To achieve this goal, it is imperative that you set yourself up for a productive workday. The truth is, while you spend a lot of your time working, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your day is as productive as it could be. Throughout our 10+ years in business, Total Web Company has learned a few tips we’d like to share to make your workday super productive, without a lot of effort.

Incorporate these 7 Simple Tips for Ensure your Workday is Super Productive

Make Your Meetings Short: Meetings are the #1 killer of production whether you’re working from home or in an office. While you can’t avoid them, there is one day to make sure they don’t kill your entire workday: make them as short as possible, 15 minutes to 30 minutes maximum. Make an agenda and only stick to your talking points and do not discuss anything that has been previously ironed out & approved.

Group Similar Tasks Together: Answer all emails at once or charge/file all your accounts receivables in one day. This will free up more time throughout your day or even over the course of a week.

Set Priorities for the Next Day: While you can’t prevent unexpected issues from popping up, you can better prepare your workday by creating a list of 3 priorities to get done the next day.

Tackle Tough Tasks First: Many of us begin the workday with the most energy (thank you coffee), which is the best time to tackle the most mentally & physically tough tasks. Starting with the tough tasks ensures they get accomplished and sets you up for a more positive day.

Take Your Breaks: Avoid burnout at all costs by scheduling in breaks at least once every hour or two. Even a short 10-minute walk (no cell phone) can help to clear your mind and give you an extra boost of energy.

Eliminate All Distractions: When a project needs your full attention, eliminate all distractions to ensure it gets completed in a timely manner. Silence your phone, shut your office door and play some light background music to rid your office of all sensory distractions.

Block Time Out for Monotasking: Divide your workweek into time blocks during which you’ll focus on one single task. Not only does this method ensure you set enough time aside to complete multiple tasks but allows you to channel your energy into one project.


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