The Total Web Process

The Total Web Process

When it comes to designing and launching a website, many different elements and steps come into play. At Total Web Company, we design,  promote, and maintain websites, providing our customers with a complete web design process to ensure a functional, informational, and a tasteful website design.

How can a website benefit my business?

Many business owners understand that in order to grow your business’s revenue, having a website can have a dramatic effect on the number of sales you receive. Not only that, but a strong presence on the internet can make consumers more interested in seeking out your business’s services. Some studies even show that before a customer goes about buying products or services, they’ll conduct their own research online. Finding your business’s website not only makes you a top contender against other businesses, but makes you the consumer’s first and preferred choice.  

Having a website for your business becomes your very own sales tool, with a website you can promote specific products or services, sales, special offers, and much more! Along with detailed information about your business’s services, products, and purpose, a website also promotes business to consumer contact. Customers can contact your business for specific questions or comments, having a newsletter available can also promote your business with frequent email blasts, informing customers of special promotions and information.

Now That You’ve Decided to get a website, How does the Total Web Design Process begin?

Designing the Front Page

Total Web Company Web Design Process Bucks County PA

The front page of your website projects what your business is all about, it also sets the tone for the rest of your website. People always say that first impression is key, that’s why here at Total Web Company, we start the web design process with designing your front page, after your approval, we then continue the steps of the process of making your website.

Filling Out a Questionnaire

After you approve the design of your front page, and we have applied any specified changes, we start the process of learning exactly what your business has to offer and figuring out what you want on your website and what you don’t. This is achieved when we send you a document asking questions about what your business is all about, what you want to be added to your site, what pages you want certain information on, descriptions for your services and products, and general information about your business so consumers know who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

Developing the Webpages

Total Web Company our Web Design Process Bucks County PA

Once the questionnaire is filled out completely, we then move on to the final stages of the web design process. Each page is filled out with the information given to us, with custom images, and impeccable design. After the front page is made, it’s very important that the rest of the site follows its general design and layout. Making sure you have the same “feel,” tone, and design throughout your site is very important when it comes to making a website. Consistency is key. At Total Web Company, we ensure a well thought out and incomparable design that’s sure to make your business’s website unique and stand out from your competitors

Approval process & changes

After all the design elements of your website are complete, the web content is added, and all the minute details have been implemented and tested, it’s almost time to launch! All that’s left is the approval process. We show you the finished product, and if you have any last minute changes or any elements you’re unsure about, this is the time to let us know! We’re always happy to help make sure our customers are 100% happy and satisfied with our work.

Total Web Company's Web Design Process Bucks County PA


Launching your website


Total Web Company Web Design Process Pennsylvania

Once all necessary changes are made, and the seal of approval has made itself known, we can finally launch your website! Now your business can start making it’s presence known on the web, bringing in more and more consumers to your small business.

You now Have a website! Now what?

Total Web Company Web Design Process Steps Bucks County PA

Now that your website is launched, you may think that it’s the end of the process. In reality, it has just begun! Once your site is published, it’s time to focus our efforts on SEO (search engine optimization) in short, making sure that people can find your website quickly and easily on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When it comes to SEO Marketing, there are countless ways to improve your website’s rank on search engines.

At Total Web Company, we have experts that work every day on improving your website, making sure your business comes up on the first page of search engines. Visit our Total Web SEO website, a Philadelphia SEO Marketing Company, to learn more about how Total Web Company can help you shoot your website to the top of search engines.



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