Upcoming Web Design Trends & Inspirations we LOVE for 2022 (& beyond)

Total Web Company Web Design Trends we Love in 2022

2022 Web Design Trends we LOVE

Total Web Company Web Design Trends we Love in 2022Much like fashion, art and interior design, website design trends are evolving and changing year after year. It is our job at Total Web Company as professional web designers to be on top of the latest in styles, layouts, fonts, colors schemes and graphics.  A little over 6 weeks into the new year, we’re seeing many web design trends emerge that we absolutely LOVE. From minimalist design concepts to hand drawn illustrations, Neo-brutalism and more, 2022 is sure to be a diverse and experimental year for our web design company and clients. Check out the 2022 web design trends we LOVE (so far this year).

8 Standout Website Design Trends

Engaging Interactives: Clicking, swiping, dragging, 2022 brings in large-scale animations & engaging interactives. Evolving out of just page transitions, interactives create an experience for your visitors and feel more connected to your brand.

Moving Typography: Similar to interactives, typography becomes more than just about content and more about bringing your brand’s voice to life! Used sparingly, typography takes center stage without become gimmicky.

Visible Borders: For years, website designers arranged content & photos using invisible boarders, giving the illusion the information is floating. In 2022, you’ll see layouts with sleek borders and defined layouts.

Scrolling Experiences: Scrolling is the most common animation users experience on a website. Innovations in web design see scrolling as transformative through parallax, animation & more.

Handmade Graphics: Relying on web design tools creates amazing logos, graphics and imagery for your website, but sometimes this can make your brand lack personality. DIY graphics like doodles, analog textures and handwritten logos can bridge the gap between your online website and your real-life brand.

Illustrated Web Design: Illustrated images have a smaller file size & faster load speed than traditional photography. Since Google views page speed as one of its top factors for rankings, web designers have jumped on this popular design trend.

Dark Mode Version: Dark mode and night shift options allow users to view your website easily in low light environments. A toggle feature can be added to each page for visitors to switch between the light and dark versions of different pages. Many web designers believe this could lead to an increase in black & white websites in 2022 & beyond.

Minimalism: Modern minimalism is not only aesthetically pleasing, but gives users a simple, straightforward experience. There is no overuse of colors, flashy graphics or overcrowded navigation to distract users from your end goals: sales, conversions and/or leads.

If any of these 2022 website design trends have piqued your interest, contact Total Web Company for a cool, modern and affordable website for your business! If your site hasn’t been updated in a while, learn how often a business should invest in website redesign.

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