Why Website Images are just as Important as Design

Total Web Company 4 Reasons Website Images are Important

Using Website Images to Enhance your Design

Total Web Company 4 Reasons Website Images are ImportantEvery professional website development company will stress the three major components of a website design: layout, images and content. While they all go hand in hand to create an eye-catching and engaging site, your website images should be a main priority when it comes to developing and designing a business website. They play an important role not only to your audience, but also the search engines which control where you rank in the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). The next installment of the Total Web Company blog highlights why your website images are a very important aspect to your overall site design.

5 Reasons Website Images are Important to Design

Capture the Audience. We already discussed the reasons well written website copy is so important, but let’s not forget that great imagery is equally essential. A high quality image at the very top of your web page will capture your audience and get them engaged with your site. More photos strategically placed throughout the rest of the content keeps them engaged and on the page longer, giving you a higher period to sell your goods or services.

Sell your Products. Great imagery helps to build trust between your business and your audience, especially images showcasing your products or services with real customers. Allow your images to make your business look irresistible and worth the purchase to new visitors.

Add SEO Value. Images offer a dual purpose to your website. Not only do they enhance the site’s visual appeal, they also create more content for search engines to index. Fully optimized images will help your onsite SEO and can get you to rank higher in the SERP. An optimized image is sized correctly, responsive and includes keywords in the file name and ALT tags.

Social Media Visibility. High quality images have the most potential to be shared on social media platforms. This is a great (and free) way to boost your businesses visibility and build your brand recognition.

Reinforce Branding. Consistently using high resolution imagery will become something visitors instantly recognize with your brand.

Importance of Photos in Website Design

High quality photos and well written content are two of the most important aspects on any website. These elements go hand-in-hand to draw in your visitors, keep them engaged and ultimately sell your goods or services. There are many stock image websites that produce great photos that work well in many industries. You can also hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your office, employees, customers interacting with your brand and of your products.


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