Keeping content fresh is one of the most important elements for any successful website.  If regular blog posts are a feature that you are looking for in a website, Total Web Company will build you a custom website powered by WordPress so you can do just that!  However, blogs aren’t the only benefit!  We strive to make everything easy-to-use for our clients and that is one of the most prominent luxuries of WordPress.

It began as strictly a tool for blogging, but now it can be used as a full content management system (CMS) with hundreds of widgets, plugins, and themes readily available.  Total Web Company can provide you with administrative login information so that you are always in control of what your website is showcasing.  To see what Total Web Company is able to provide, take a moment and browse through websites that we’ve already designed & launched!


Having and maintaining a blog is a lot of work. Work well worth it. If you can get a blog to be popular with the right people, it will get major publicity and in turn, give your company publicity. A blog can help you inform your customers about your industry, possibly getting them more interested in your company specifically. A blog could even be the basis of your business thereby getting revenue through posting!

Once you have a blog going, it does wonders for your website’s SEO! Search engines will grab keywords and phrases from your blog’s posts. Blogs also allow for customer feedback on your posts, giving you a better idea of your audience for future articles.

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Become a Better Writer

The only way to become a better writer is to write often!  With our blogging services, we will give you the tools and the knowledge to write your own blog that will help with search engine performance and keep your customers coming back for more.  Whether it’s for a company blog or your own personal portfolio, your writing will only get better the more blog you write.

Become an Industry Leader

You know all those blog sites that you frequently find yourself reading?  Well, that can be you!  No one becomes an industry leader without providing useful content to their audience.  People value content, plain and simple.  A great way to raise awareness for your blog and/or company is to publish your posts on social media.  If you need help setting up social media accounts, we can help with that too!  After all, Facebook & Instagram have nearly 2 billion monthly active users and that’s where your audience is!

Find Your Voice and Share it With the World!

The best time to start a blog was 5 years ago, the second best time is today!