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WordPress Website Design & Development Company

Website development platforms have changed immensely since the start of the internet boom. From tables to hardcoded HTML, JavaScript and premade templates, websites are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technology. Today, WordPress is one of the superior content management & development solutions to build and maintain websites. Total Web Company, a WordPress website design company, delivers custom-designed, SEO optimized and high-converting sites for companies of all sizes! Whether you want to redesign your current site into a more modern platform, or your new startup business is ready to launch online, call Total Web Company at 215-284-7918 to discuss custom WordPress website design.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a website building platform that powers almost 40% of all websites – approximately 1 in 3 websites are built in WordPress. The development team sought to create a space where users could build simple websites to share their story without extensive knowledge of HTML coding, JavaScript, CSS, etc. WordPress is an open-source software and CMS (content management system) that supports websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites, applications and so much more! While it is possible to build a website on your own without much experience or knowledge, it is best to hire a WordPress web design & development company. This ensures the website functions properly and SEO elements are incorporated so you can rank in the search engines and turn traffic into leads & sales.

WordPress: A Powerful Content Management System for Website Design

WordPress is an incredibly powerful tool to create custom websites, blogs, eCommerce sites, complex portals and so much more. We can easily integrate plugins, contact forms, branding, visual elements and SEO components without compromising load speed, user experience or navigation. The WordPress platform offers thousands of free templates, cost-efficient themes, as well as completely customizable design options. At Total Web Company we can use these themes or design your website completely from scratch, depending on your budget and the overall look you want to achieve. Building off the solid, robust WordPress foundation, your final site will not only be visually appealing, but fast, mobile responsive and SEO optimized.

Digital Marketing, SEO & Web Design Services

In addition to building your business a well-designed WordPress website, Total Web Company provides monthly maintenance, SEO and digital marketing services that fit any budget. Our WordPress design experts deliver a website that performs at its best, attracting online traffic and generating quality leads & sales. Our WordPress website design, SEO & digital marketing services focus on user experience and search engines to ensure a high rate of conversions. We incorporate SEO-driven copy writing, technical SEO, conversion rate optimization and top-tier hosting to ensure stellar performance on search engines & fast load times.

Why your Business Should Invest in WordPress Website Design


To get more leads and sales your business website must first be found in the search engines (preferably both local & page one results). Second, the design of the site must be eye-catching, while showcasing your services, brand and/or products to the visitors. Finally, the navigation must be intuitive and provide the best browsing experience for potential customers. Through the eyes of our in-house WordPress web design experts, we provide the best practices for design, user experience and SEO to execute a site that speaks to your brand & displays your messaging.

We work with our clients one on one to fully understand and deliver a custom, SEO-friendly WordPress website. To discuss options or to set up a meeting with your team and our WordPress developers, call our Philadelphia, PA office at 215-284-7918. We offer web design, development & SEO digital marketing services for local businesses in the greater Philadelphia area, as well as across the nation!