Manage Your Reputation Before It Turns Negative


Not everybody is perfect and as a result, negative reviews or comments are a commonplace across the internet.  The key with negative reviews is to show that you truly care about your brand’s identity by addressing them in a timely fashion, with dignity, and with honesty.  If you own a restaurant and receive a negative review on Yelp or Facebook, ignoring it will only make it worse.  Facing your critics head on and providing solutions to the issues will increase your brand’s perception to the mainstream audience.

While reputation management can help your audience determine their feelings about your brand, search engines will also take notice!  While there isn’t a direct correlation to enhanced search rankings, there is an indirect association.  The overarching goal of reputation management (and digital marketing in general) is to drive visitors to your website and if your reputation management strategy is successful, the increased number of visitors will enhance your rankings.

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While responding to negative reviews is a staple of reputation management, thanking customers for their positive reviews is also a critical element.  Again, this shows that you are on top of your digital presence and will work hard to keep it at a respectable level.  So now you might be wondering, “How can Total Web Company help me with this?”

We are fortunate enough to partner with over 70 different directory listing websites which give us notifications if a poor review is listed.  This notification gives us the ability to notify you of the poor review and act appropriately and quickly.

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Poor Reputations Can Ruin Digital Brands

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