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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Website Design Services Bucks County, PA

Search engine optimization (SEO) website design refers to the design and development of SEO-friendly websites. These types of sites follow SEO best practices for both search engines and front-end users including mobile friendly, fast load times, keyword descriptive URLs and other factors. Hiring a website design agency that builds and creates SEO websites ensures your business is found in the search engines, which increases rankings, traffic and lead for submissions. While website design encompasses the visual aspects and SEO affects how the site is found, these are not two separate entities. SEO and website design must work together to ensure a highly successful website that looks great, functions flawlessly and is found on Google and other search engines.

Importance of SEO in Website Design Services

Website designers/developers and SEO marketers perform very different tasks, one cannot do the other’s job solely. However, they will collaborate throughout the project to ensure a successful website launch. Together, the two have a tremendous impact on a company’s bottom line. Before you hire an agency, you must confirm the company can perform both website design and SEO services to ensure success. When you consider how SEO relates to website design like page speed optimization and sitemap architecture, you’ll find these factors directly influence how the site is designed. Not considering SEO factors into the design means you’ll struggle to rank in the top positions. It is a smart choice to incorporate SEO and website design together to build a strong foundation for your business digital marketing strategy.

Optimization Factors for Top Website Rankings in SERPs

Both a web designer and SEO marketer should be involved in the early stages of your new website or redesign project. For the designer, they will be able to create a site architecture that is SEO-friendly. On the other hand, the SEO marketer will be able to implement SEO intricacies from the very beginning of the process. You must consider and apply the following factors to optimize for web design and SEO:

  1. Code
  2. Mobile friendliness
  3. Readability
  4. Image File Names
  5. Image File Sizes
  6. Image ALT Tags
  7. Navigation
  8. URL Structure

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