SEO Website Design Philadelphia, PA

SEO-Friendly Website Design Philadelphia

When building a new website, or redesigning an outdated one, there are two major aspects to consider: consumers and search engines. An SEO-friendly website allows your business to show up on Google when consumers are searching for your products or services. You also need a custom designed, user-friendly website so consumers can understand your brand and easily find what they want to buy. At Total Web Company, we are a team of expert website designers and SEO marketers who work together to build SEO-friendly websites for Philadelphia, PA businesses. The design team executes the visual aspects, while the SEO team ensures the site has enough content and good site navigation to achieve high rankings in Google. To discuss SEO website design for your company in Philadelphia, call 215-284-7918.

What is SEO Website Design?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website to rank high in the various search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). Website design is the creation and development of a website, navigation menu, all landing pages and a shopping cart (if necessary).

When you put them together, SEO website design is the overall design and creation of a website that is optimized for Google and the other search engines. The website covers and follows all the SEO best practices that web designers need to follow when creating and building websites. Designers and SEO marketers must work together to launch a well-designed, mobile friendly website that ranks high in the search engines.

Why is SEO Important to Web Design?

If your company pays for a stunning, custom-designed website, but none of the pages are ranking for your target keywords, potential customers are not going to find your website. While social media and PPC ads are effective digital marketing tools to increase traffic, it is important to find organic (IE free) ways to get on page one of the SERPs and increase the traffic to your website.

A few of the top benefits of SEO website design for Philadelphia businesses includes:

  • SEO website design increases organic traffic
  • SEO website design attracts traffic that converts
  • SEO website design improves the user experience
  • SEO website design ensures you get the most from your marketing budget

Total Web Company is an SEO website design company with office locations in Philadelphia, PA and Bristol, PA. We are dedicated to building successful websites that are modern, function flawlessly and rank high in the search engines. Our SEO-friendly websites help businesses grow and convert traffic to qualified leads and sales. We serve clients in the Philadelphia area, Bucks County, PA, New Jersey and nationwide. Call 215-284-7918 to discuss website options for your business.