SEO Website Design Bristol, PA

SEO Website Design Company Bristol, PA

Developing a website is a must-have for any business that wants to be successful both online and offline. The design of your website must be optimized to show up in the top results of the search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the steps, process and procedures used to achieve this goal. For the most effective results, a website must be designed by a web design agency with comprehensive knowledge of SEO strategies. Businesses tend not to consider SEO until after the website has been launched. While the site may look great, it often lacks basic SEO best practices and techniques. At Total Web Company, our expert web developers team up with our SEO marketing team to ensure a well-designed, mobile friendly website that ranks well in the search engines.

SEO-Friendly Website Design Services

Not surprisingly, website design and SEO are tightly connected. Our web design company understands the basic SEO principles to include in every web design project to ensure success. Once complete and launched, the website will gain traction in the search engines, gain more traffic and rank well in the SERPs for relevant keyword search terms.

Web design also has a direct impact on user experience (UX), which is essential to good SEO. Our SEO website design company creates a basic structure of the site, also known as a sitemap. This will outline how the search engines crawl and understand the website and its content. This step is crucial to make it easier for the website pages to be indexed by the search engines and rank.

Total Web Company Essential Website Footer Design Elements

7 SEO Principles to Implement in Web Design

  1. Site structure and information architecture.
    This is the first step our SEO team will tackle to ensure a well-defined website architecture and navigation. This is the basic structure of your website. A clean layout is crucial for UX; it entices users to stay off your site keeping your bounce rate low. A high bounce rate will hurt your SEO performance.
  2. Mobile-friendly and responsive website design.
  3.  Usability.
  4. Readability.
  5. Conversion rate optimization (CRO).
  6. Website speed.
  7. Optimized images.

Total Web Company is a local SEO website design agency based in Bristol, PA. We are dedicated to building successful websites that are modern, function flawlessly and rank high in the SERPs. Our SEO-friendly sites help businesses grow their clientele and convert traffic to qualified leads and sales. With an office in Bristol, Bucks County, PA, we serve local companies throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as nationwide. We utilize FaceTime, Zoom and email to successfully communicate. Call 215-284-7918 to discuss website options today.