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Professional Web Design Company Bristol, PA

Total Web Company is located in the heart of Bristol, PA. We offer custom-built, professional web design services for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Whether you need an e-commerce website with a fully functioning shopping cart, a branded site to engage online visitors or a simple WordPress blog, our designers deliver! In business since 2012, we’ve built websites for thousands of businesses in Bristol, Bucks County, PA and all across the nation. Our team includes expert, experienced web designers, digital marketers, SEOers, copy writers and graphic designers. Together, we deliver modern websites that convert traffic to leads and sales!

Expert Web Design Services Bristol PA

As a leader in web design & digital marketing, we know that having a unique website is an important part of branding and promoting your business. Before we begin laying out a framework for the site, we take the time to understand your company history and goals (lead generation, sales, etc.). Our copywriters do in-depth research as to what your target customers are looking for & the information they want to hear. We combine all this data to create site flow and content that tells clients about your services & products, answers their questions, helps to solve their problems and ends with a conversion.

Custom Built Websites

Overall design, photography, graphics, navigation and layout are just one phase of web design. At Total Web Company we put a strong emphasis on SEO copywriting and content creation. Whether you just want to attract customers in your local area or you’re ready to expand nationwide, our wide range of design & marketing skills will attract new customers to your website that convert to leads or sales. Let the experts at Total Web Company design a website that perfectly captures the spirit of your business and drives customers to make a sale.

3 Main Categories of Web Design

Our website design company will incorporate features, text and photos that satisfy the needs of the search engines and the front-end users. When doing this, our developers will decide which category of web design your business falls under: static, CMS or dynamic and eCommerce. Each of these types of sites must be designed and developed using different platforms, while providing corporate and brand identity.

Static Website Design: If you’re looking for a simple website with just a few photos and a little text describing your business, a static website is the best option. The key here is that your information doesn’t often change, as these must be done manually and can be very time consuming.

CMS or Dynamic Website Design: This is the most popular website design option. The main point here is that the information on the website will be changed often and is usually built through a WordPress platform. These designs are intricate and time consuming but pay off in the end if you want a visually appealing website that is easy to navigate for both search engine and user.

eCommerce Website Design: If you wish to sell products or services, an eCommerce website is the only option. These are usually built on a CMS platform (like WordPress) and uses a third-party shopping cart platform such as Woocommerce, Opencart or Magento. We’ll use the CMS platform to create a distinctive, on-brand website that seamlessly transitions into an online shopping cart.

Total Web Company, in partnership with our sister company, Total Web SEO, offers a full breadth of web design, photography, digital market and SEO services. If you need a brand-new website or want to rebuild an outside site from several years ago, Total Web Company is here to help! Call our Bristol, PA office at 215-284-7918 for a no obligation quote!