Web Design New Jersey

Web Design Agency New Jersey

In the simplest terms, a web design agency is hired to make a website look good and function flawlessly across all platforms, for the front-end users and search engines. Using a variety of website design programs and plugins, we create visual elements, incorporate text and photos to strengthen brand awareness and highlight your goods, services and/or products. Total Web Company offers custom web design services for New Jersey businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2012, our web designers and developers have built thousands of websites for businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Bucks County and across the nation! Our team includes dedicated, experienced website designers, digital marketers, SEO specialists, copy writers, graphic designers and photographers. Together, we create and deliver modern websites that convert traffic into leads and leads into sales.

High-Quality Web Design Services for New Jersey Businesses

As a leading website design & digital marketing company for New Jersey businesses, we understand the need for a unique, user-friendly website for branding and promoting your company. Before we talk about layouts, color scheme and photography, we take the time to understand your company’s history and the goals for your new website (lead generation, brand awareness, sales, etc.). Our SEO copywriters do extensive research to pinpoint what your target audience is looking for, questions they want answered and information they’re interested in reading. We combine this data to create site flow and content that thoroughly explains your goods & services, answers their questions, solves their problems and, ultimately, ends with a conversion.

WordPress Web Design

There are hundreds of platforms to build websites, but if you’re looking for a dynamic, responsive site, WordPress is far superior. CSS, scripts, coding, themes and plugins allow our designers to achieve almost any functionality or design feature you want. WordPress is an incredibly powerful web design platform to create custom websites for a wide range of businesses in any industry. Contact forms, visual branding elements and SEO can all be seamlessly integrated without compromising site speed, user experience or navigation. We can use themes, design templates or build the site completely from scratch depending on your budget and the overall look you want to achieve. Using the WordPress platform, we will build you a solid, robust website that is not only visually appealing, but fast, responsive and SEO optimized for Google.

eCommerce Website Development

An eCommerce website allows consumers to buy and sell goods, services and digital products online, rather than a brick-and-mortar location. Through the website, your business can process orders, take payments, manage shipping and provide customer service. Whether you have 5 products or 500, Total Web Company will design an eCommerce website that promotes your brand and increases online sales. The website will be fully responsive, SEO optimized and capable of handling hundreds of orders per day! Whether you have a small New Jersey business looking to expand online or you’re a nationwide business with a large inventory, Total Web Company has web design options for you.

Branding, Digital Marketing & Website Design

Besides our wide range of web design services, Total Web Company offers monthly website maintenance, SEO and digital marketing services to fit any budget. Whether you want to invest in Google PPC, Facebook advertising or generating traffic & leads through organic search, we have experts in each of these fields. Our websites, combined with digital marketing, attract online traffic that generates quality leads and sales.

Total Web Company has the experience to help start-up businesses build a successful website or assist an established corporation with a rebrand. No matter your web design needs, our designers provide expert, custom web design for all budgets. Call our office at 215-284-7918 for a no obligation consultation and learn how Total Web Company can help you achieve better online awareness, website traffic and sales.